Sunday, 18 August 2013


We had delayed coming down to Croatia mainly because we wanted the majority of holidaymakers to have returned before we ventured down the coast to Split but thought, quite naively, that the second half of August would be OK. Wrong and wrong again......
The Camperstop book list loads of idyllic spots next to the sea to while away a few weeks
Alas every one we tried were so full with every bit of space taken we actually thought it dangerous to stay had we have got a spot
The Autocamps which would be ideal off peak are located between the coast road and the sea, a mere 20 metres wide in some cases. So the upshot was after finding no room at the inn and drawing a blank with campsites (well overpriced and full) we headed for the hills and found a few much nicer places to stay, one being a vineyard with Wi Fi and guess

Clean screen, a morning chore

Reminded me a bit of derbyshire this, its biker heaven here and yes we did see the aftermath of a crash, not surprising really as the majority rode too dangerously
This I can say from experience!

As ever Nina treated the camera trigger like that of an AK7, so these are a selection of what's left after editing out the telegraph poles and the like..

Simply beautiful and a venue off peak in future years for us

This is Porec on the Istra peninsula

Reminded us of St Tropez and the numerous French fishing villages on the Med

Biked it here which was a novelty

Payback was a very busy return trip via the local highway and not the arduous, to say the least, bike routes scattered throughout the hills