Thursday, 14 November 2013


Fun and games next at Varel where the flashing symbol on the dash says go check your oil
OK no worries, yes its strangely down on the dipstick, and a quick glance under the van reveals a convincing oil leak!
Fiat Camper Assistance, who were superb again, send out our German colleague with a large recovery vehicle (too small for us BTW)
The gist of it is they want to take me to a Fiat garage ready for monday morning (its late fri) and working on the van would invalidate the warranty apparently
So many calls later  from the Uk & Germany asking for the size of the van, I tell them to just come take a look as its not pouring out but "Is it safe to drive myself there on monday"?
(We are overnighting at the back of a Gasthaus and we intend eating there)
The guy arrives and then insists I take a look at how he's waggling the oil filter
Our heartfelt thanks go out to the Spanish mechanic who failed to tighten the filter properly at last oil change in Seville!
No harm done but we really did not need the stress

Wilhelmshaven and its impressive harbour appartments

The walk from the excellent stellplatz to the harbour is much less inspiring though
This surely has to be Germany's ugliest building

And yet they are big on sub station art…

Paul, can you spot the MK 2 Cortina gearbox?

Sea view luxury

Yes its a middle aged lunatic swimming and posing for her husband (we guess)
(We were very cold with clothes on)

Luftwaffe in action!

The Kaiser Wilhelm Brücke 

As its autumn and we are just passing through we note the several maritime museums and aquariums and add them to our summer Nordic trip list
The short cold days now are far removed from the sun of Berlin and Slovakia