Friday, 1 November 2013


More wildcamping this time near Kerteminde and total peace on our own

These guys have had enough and are off to warmer climbs no doubt

Bogense on the north coast in a rare moment of sunlight

Deserted now but I guess this marina is a great place in mid summer with several dedicated BBQ areas for seafarers and all facilities

Check this out for practical kids transport

On to Middelfart and a cosy marina with 3 pluses for us: Wi Fi, Hook up, and washing machines..

Cafe Razz on the town harbour front, recommended to us by Kaare the harbourmaster at Lystbaadehavne

This is what a £17.00 burger looks like!
25cl beer was a cool £4.00 with Nina's wine £5.10
Clever-dumb balance restored with all those ridiculously cheap beers and food in Slovakia & CZ
Of course the Danes have higher wages than us in the UK so no worries for them, good practise for us I suppose ready for our Scandinavian trip in the future
BTW, the burger was well worth the money!

Halloween is celebrated big time here although we missed potential door knockers on the harbour

At last we find a good old fashioned pub and sample a few dark local beers

The rain relents next day so we can get in a good walk round the peninsula

Why pay for apples!

View across to Little Belt Bridge

Fresh fish seller on the quayside, no battered fish or mushy peas I'm afraid