Thursday, 21 November 2013


The next few days are spent at Middenmeer & Oudendijk
Middenmeer gave us the chance to do loads of washing at the yachthaven and break out the bikes for a very cold ride in to Schagen
Oudendijk was an empty quiet car park belonging to Eetcafé Les Deux Ponts over the small waterway bridge and an opportunity second night to sample some strong (and expensive) Dutch & Belgian beers

Alas not my photo, but the cosy interior more than made up for the howling rain outside on a late november evening

One of many pumping stations that push fresh water out to sea when needs be to control the dyke levels

Its a brave face but it was actually really cold to the bones on our ride to Edam

A visit to a cafe put us right and we decided to return the next day as we'd discovered a good parking spot near the sea

We were rewarded next day with some much missed sunshine which reminded us more of when we were here last several years ago with our respective parents on a trip

We gave this a go and were quite annoyed at the small children in front of us who spent an eternity at the pick n mix, wall to wall chocolate and candies…..

'Black Pete' again and in most of the shop displays we've seen this week

'Mouse heaven' can be found in this shop
Also strangely enough some overpriced tourist cheese that caught us out at the till

Just for comparison this is the modern side of Dutch architecture which we really quite like

Rather naively I'd forgotten that Edam was actually by the sea (Markermeer)