Thursday, 14 November 2013


With the weather showing signs of improvement we head off to the port of Bremerhaven
Industrial but with a very modern feel to it 

A girl interested in how a tugboat actually works….

This was annoying, a great opportunity to explore a U Boat thwarted by its closure for the winter just days earlier
There are numerous maritime museums here but as it was late afternoon and girls don't do shipping much we headed for the shops……..Tip Top

Deep joy, some shops 
Nina's face lit up but not as much as mine when I discovered a whisky shop that did tasters!

My attempt, Kaare, at 30 secs nightime exposures
Not a patch on your Hamburg shots I'm afraid
(Take a look at Kaare's stunning photos HERE, he says he's been in to photography for just 2 years and learnt by playing around with the settings on the camera. I guess thats lots of random fiddling for me then)