Monday, 18 November 2013


We left Groningen quite late and ruled out two overnight stops en route to Doezum where we stayed on a technically closed private stellplatz 
Almost all facilities were closed for the winter but the very friendly owner moved his own van aside to let us park there overnight.
We were quite surprised to find that we slept in until 10.30am and woke to see our neighbouring sheep giving us the critical eye..

Later we were home to hundreds of descending birds which pecked the lawned area furiously
A bit late with the camera but they had the last laugh...

as they left the whole van with aerial souvenirs……cheers!

On to Harlingen on the coast and I was quite surprised to see so many fishing boats all moored with little activity. I had thought the industry was all fished out!

You can't travel far round here without crossing these lifting bridges, amongst a myriad of canals and shipping routes which are kept busy

More quaint architecture

These 'town houses' are quite expensive I guess with some very swish interiors that beg to be 'gawped' at on passing by

The canals and waterways really come in to their own at night, lined with quality restaurants and cosy bars

This is a quality location we think for a summer vacation or just a romantic weekend away