Thursday, 31 October 2013

Denmark (Funen)

After calling in at Kiel on the North German coast in worsening weather we made the decision to venture in to Denmark as it was so near really
We were quite tired as much of the night was disturbed by the drone of heavy shipping moving out in to the estuary at Kiel, the overnight stop being nicely situated on the dockside with great views

Another country, another currency change, Krone this time

We spent two nights at a yacht marina in Augustenborg between which we broke out the bikes and rode to Norborg at the top of the eastern peninsula of Als in Jutland
After spending a long time staring at a trail map in the street we were invited in to this lovely couple's house for coffee and cake, the first of several friendly exchanges we had with Danes over the next few days. Dres and Bente made us very welcome, giving us numerous tips on where to visit next and how to get there. You were so friendly to us and Nina thinks the cycling top you kindly gave her is superb. Danfoss will have free advertising now on our travels on the bikes!

(An email from them on our return shows them celebrating Christmas the Danish way with some retail therapy we guess)

On your advice we took the ferry next day to Bojden on Funen, thank you 

A way of life for Danes, jumping on and off these small ferries...

On our travels so far Denmark appears to be the proudest nation with many flags flying from domestic properties not just transport related like this on the ferry

Marina at Faaborg

Wild camping next to the shore and going for an evening stroll we found this set up of planks

I went of my own free will. (Nina was not out of shot with a sword)

Svendborg with some very quaint backstreets, this was where the sunshine gave up on us and we got a dose of English weather

View over to Tasinge from where we leapfrogged to Langeland

Local favourites these Flodeboller, very tasty too...

So on to Langeland and more wild camping
Lighthouse at Keldsnor (lunchtime and calm)

This was at the southernmost tip, quite remote and starting to get a little windy

In between showers the view out to sea was quite something

At this point after being blown quite pleasantly down the beach towards the lighthouse we'd parked at and had lunch earlier, things took a turn for the worse...

Going back against the ever increasing wind and rain became very difficult and we soon realised that we were in trouble..
This was the start of the gale that battered England the previous day but it had gathered even more strength by the time it hit Denmark
I was in stitches when Nina screamed and I saw her pants had been blown down (no photo alas) but soon sobered up when we both became exhausted trying to battle back to the van

This was shot sideways to the wind and spray

When we reached the van I had grave concerns as we were on our own and it was being thrown around by the gale force winds that were getting stronger. At one point I made Nina go in the back and we both crouched down as I was sure the screen was about to blow in as I could see it flexing with every gust. After a while I managed to drive against the wind and park in the leeward side of a huge barn that offered some protection

This was the scene next day. We lost count of the number of fallen trees and overturned bus shelters. The thatched roofs on the houses suffered a great deal with many huge holes visible as we drove by

Snow drama last year in october, gales this year same time, shall we stay at home next year..
Think again.....