Friday, 4 October 2013


Ever onwards we find ourselves in Nurnberg, as its correctly spelled, with its steeped history but probably overshadowed by the WW2 trials
Another example of a well laid out German city with deep respect for the older buildings but integrated nicely in to modern times with underground and a great cafe culture

We are getting quite good at underground systems now, although not having a clue where we set off to, we manage to stay within the city walls and not get lost

For a change we spent most of the visit trudging round clothes shops for me

The times I've seen this in my dreams....
Nina is alive and well BTW

Not quite the Ponte Vecchio but brings back memories of Florence

This was just a fleeting visit and I could have toured the bars and cafes all day but today was a 'being good' day involving no alcohol so returned in the evening to the van feeling smug as I knew tomorrow would be a chance to indulge!