Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Ever northwards we revisit previous stops on the way down namely Wolfhagen where we almost ran to the local Pizzeria. Bellersen, where we met up again with Wallburga and enjoyed her Schlemmerschnitzel once again. Hoxter, looking very different now in autumn colours

Oy, Prat on the roof!

Yes you. Thankfully not a Rod Hull moment, bless him

On to Steinhude, a lovely place with a huge lake as still and tranquil as they come or at least it was this evening. Customary wine consumption and sunset viewing over the lake was undertaken

Next and its bikes out for a ride round the lake

Autumn, we love it....

My over engineered bike, I am viewed by fellow vanners as some circus perfomer I think as they trundle along on narrow tyres and E bikes

My mate...Rock

On leaving Steinhude we come across this. Cameron, our Nephew, would love it!

I fancied this but again Nina thought better of it. She's right of course as my weak back would have me moaning in her ears for weeks afterwards