Saturday, 21 May 2016

Seville again

We arrive in the heat of the afternoon at Hidalgo Autocaravanas outside the city of Seville
We've used this facility before and its a good alternative to parking on the dockside aire. The Fiat garage is also this side of the city and an easy ride in on Fozz to book our day of service
To our amazement Raphael, our english speaking friendly service guy, asks us there and then for the keys to the van as they can do it on the spot…
Our opportunity was lost and had to wait two days for the next available service slot so Fozzed it the remaining distance in to town

Flamenco dancing Oriental style

The cool back streets are very welcome and we discover some lovely courtyards attached to fancy big houses

Nina reckons the top floor apartment would suit us fine...

We can't visit Seville and miss walking around the beautiful and impressive Santa Luisa park

Its about 30 degs here and very calm

Goldfish enjoying lunch piranha style..

Segways I suppose, but much harder to get on and off surely

This guy got our euro for some excellent crystal ball rolling

Long queue, hot day…no way, its surely Tapas Time

5 tapas for €10.00…bargain!

Guess whats on the menu...

Rioja, and loving it!

This boutique saw several visits from this gleeful shopper

More donations here and quite deservedly. super still and only adjusting his pose when the tin rattled

Seville was, as usual, a brilliant city to visit and we ended up here for three full days. Full of scooters including us and just so nice to stroll around the busy streets