Friday, 20 May 2016

Portimao & VRSA

Once back at Praia do Rocha we quickly take Fozz in to the small, but perfectly adequate Honda garage for a scheduled service. The guys there say 'go have coffee for an hour or so and come back and collect'. So we stroll the back streets of Portimao and soon we are back at the van a day ahead of schedule

We settle on a few days here as we quite like it here despite it becoming increasingly busier with incoming tourists

Its a little 'concrete high rise' here but it still has charm as they are elevated above the beautiful beach

The weather is still mixed at the moment and we get stranded by a heavy shower on our cliff top walk in a bar where Nina samples 'Mohito'

The Marina next door to….

Our usual base, not sexy, but very functional for us

As predicted the weather turns back to where it should always have been, hot & sunny…
We move eastwards towards Spain now, calling in at Faro Fiat to check out getting the van serviced there. We did not fancy staying locally for several days and the lack of attention in the service area saw us restarting the van and heading for Vila Real De San Antonio on the border with Spain
(We'll service the van at Seville)

On the western bank of the Guadiana river lies VRSA, a very nice Portuguese town with oh so many linen shops for my dear wife to stroll in to...

Its car boot day too and we spot this timeless wonder and think of Mick & Deb and some 80's 'underwater' filming

Basically guys just bring the contents of the shed here in the hope of raising extra cash

There's a 'Festa' going on in town and we make several visits from the nearby riverside Aire

These guys came on to stage very late in the evening and serenaded the locals. We stuck around for not very long and drifted back to the van to make ready for changing countries the next day

After four months in Portugal its time to make the slow three month trip back to the UK for a couple of months. The forecast for Seville (our favourite city) looks impressive and we organise ourselves to take in the van service