Tuesday, 31 May 2016

El Rincón

We move on down to the slighter cooler coast and arrive at a superb small site at El Rincón
The site is immaculate with a small shop and friendly owners and soon we are settled for what becomes a nine day stay under glorious blue skies

We soon team up with Lynne & Pete and they guide us down to the local beach bar for some ice cold G & Ts. The hours fly by and we are engrossed in the view and lively chat

Red hot meets ice cold….heaven

We break out the bikes one lunchtime and ride to nearby Malaga along a less than easy route

Beach maintenance 

The not so sexy seafront just outside El Rincón

These are all the rage on the beachfront restaurants. Boat charcoal fires

Simple skewers leant toward the coals containing all manner of seafood

The 28th arrives and its Birthday Girl's Special Day
Roses from Fernando's garden and hot croissants start the day off nicely...

My Girl….

Lunch is at a Pasta place nearby in Torre del Mar and the afternoon is spent 'chilling' on the promenade

Birthday Mohito

Amber nectar...

Fozz takes us a few days later to visit Nerja and roam the very touristy narrow streets

Its the weekend and the resort is rammed with local Spanish

A complete afternoon and evening is spent in good company at a local bar in El Rincón joined now by Brits, Bill & Julie

Several of these frosted friends are downed as the group lose track of time and place. This turns out to be a pre-cursor for more wine and pizzas back at the site till well after dark

Its while we are here that Baz & Mandy whatsapp us with Leisure Battery questions relating to their maiden voyage in their new van back home in the UK
Bless them, they are like two puppies with their new toy and are in their element getting to 'know' their van. Baz has started a blog and it can be found HERE