Tuesday, 10 May 2016


We trundled off to 'Anonymity Land' better know as Camperstop Messines and some R & R for six days. The forecast is good for a while and we just chill amidst temps in the late 20's and 31 one day, phew!

The lovely flowers around here are in their prime and in abundance

We manage a trip on Fozz up to Monchique and then the viewing area atop the nearby hill
Superb sea views from here stretching from a distant Albufeira to Lagos

Back at the site Dougie (the dog from IKEA) makes friends with me for one reason only
Salami dog chews, centre of the canine universe!

There you go Nina, Pal for life…..

We decide to move over to Silves as the weather is expected to be stormy with potential heavy flooding and given Andre's site has been flooded badly recently we take the safe option

The weather turns Pants….
Heavy rain then glorious sunshine each day, certainly not what we are used to down here at this time

Next day (before the rain came)

Good job we brought the brolly...

The terrain in Silves is all this stuff, polished by thousands of tourists' feet

Silves is home to a large number of storks and they live just about anywhere they can build a nest
Often the locals build platforms for them to start their families

More building material no doubt..

Portimao again next for that all important service on Fozz...