Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Portimao Family Visit

Its time for some of the Clan to visit us here in Portugal and Portimao was chosen as the most suitable venue for both Martyn and us being able to park the week at Praia do Rocha Aire
Soon after Nina's return from the UK back in February her parents booked the same hotel & flights so it was now a family event….

The weather recently has been pants to be honest with mixed days and not the usual constant blue skies of previous years. By some minor miracle the weather changed tack the day before their arrival and was set to be really warm and sunny all week…happy days!

The more observant readers will notice some odd looking photos from now on, the above being one of them. This is due to me running some shots through my recently purchased Photomatix software programme. I'd like to say I know what I'm doing with it but the jury is still out on that one. They are meant to add interest to the blog and hopefully create some variety. (I still have the originals)

Here's the thing….
Lynda (Nina's Mum) is a Veggie
There, I've said it!
All very good in Northern Europe but down South you are viewed with suspicion and , to be honest Portugal doesn't do veggie. So we spend a few days researching restaurants locally that may suffice and the 'Asia' emporium (recommended by Andre here at Messines) is top of the list….

We arrive the day before their arrival and checkout the joint. We are hungry and are then panicked by the possibility that the 'Chinese' plan may not be suitable so make a tactical decision to give it a go before they come
Right decision!
However there is much hilarity at the table due to Nina not bringing her readers'
Its a 'write down the numbers on a pad' ordering style for the super value €13.99 buffet meal and all is well until she changes all her selections at the last minute due to her realising "Oh, is that a B, I thought it was an 8"
Some time later we are twitching a little as it takes time to cook and we are now really famished. The food arrives but alas it is defo not what she ordered. The guy stands firm insisting it is. No sorry my little friend, its not!
But it is! Ermm, no its not Pal. No rice or curry ordered from this table. (The food is going cold and he's stopped looking at me and concentrating his efforts on a flapping Nina)
Back he comes with the original order pad as scribed by my myopic wife revealing that indeed she has ordered curry and that she actually can't differentiate between an 8 and a 9….

Never work with children or animals…..

The hire car is driven to Faro airport and some pale relatives are picked up and whisked to their beachside resting spot...

The guys are happy with their hotel and enjoy strolling around the town's marina and boardwalks

Come on guys, get it right this time...

Two nights running (for us) we hit the 'Asia' house. This is Terry getting to grips with his fifth spare rib, a favourite of his, apparently

Next day we trundle along to Sagres, the most south westerly tip of Europe

Martyn spots these beauties far off the coast

Usual fishing going on, 30m above the sea

The quaint seaside village of Carvoeira

Its Martyn's birthday and the three of us take a tour of the nearby Algarve coastline at lunch
Free ice creams from a very enthusiastic Ivan..

Salutations with the 'Duddies'


I'm pleased with this one Mick!

All we heard was 'This time 33yrs ago Martyn' all lunch

They liked Alvor so much they booked an appartment for a whole month next year!

The local restaurants went down well too

Another day in Portimao and the 'Atlantic Beach Bar' takes a regular hit from us with some interesting passing traffic

Eduardo, a local artist, preparing some small paintings for us to take home

The week was most enjoyable for us all. It was good to have close family out here to see for themselves the attraction of the country for us. I have to say we spent the next few days just recovering from 'holiday mode' and soon afterwards made our way to sleepy Messines to bask in the sunshine