Sunday, 3 March 2013

More Algarve

The heights of Monchique, telecoms, observatory, and the like
Lagos F1 circuit in the background

Visitors leave stones piled up, I swear this is a couple of lovebirds...

Stayed here at an Aire near Monchique for 3 nights, excellent arrangement with space just for 12 vans, serviced pitches, showers and all for 11 Euro per night
2 trips to the local restaurants were interesting sampling authentic local cuisine...

Caterpillar train on a suicide mission across the hillside road

Praia do Bocha marina by moonlight

Surf is Pumpin'

Grabbed the board and thought...give it a go!
Easy peasy really..

Billy has a brother!
Mick & Sharon were great company and it was good to muse over Autotrail highs & lows
These guys regailed us with Moroccan adventure stories so will add it to our travel list

Sagres, almost the end of Europe, and simply stunning!

Maximum respect goes to these guys

They sit, must be at least 60 metres high, on the very edge of the cliff and fish all day

No wonder the restaurant fish is so expensive..

View from the fort at 'Land's End'

Cape Saint Vincent, most westerly point of Europe

So that was our first venture to the Algarve. We are off now up the western coast which we have been told is really beautiful.

My guess is there will be less Vanners but yesterdays' short drive to Bordeira Beach revealed a small enclave of fellow nomads and die hard surfers.