Saturday, 30 March 2013

Northern Portugal / Spanish North Coast

What a change in the weather this last week or so...
Whilst we are still quite warm the sun has all but dissappeared and its been almost constant rain. Several days travelling along the Northern Spanish coastline have been spoiled a bit by the obvious rain but more really by restricted views and hilltop mist. A chat with the locals revealed it was their worst weather for 6 years...great.
A quick glance at the weather back home got us back on track though. Whilst we've never read so much (Nina's on her 19th book!) I would have liked to have used the bikes to discover more inland
Still the sun is out this morning in all its glory so hopefully its broken the pattern...

Estarreja area, south of Porto. Great place this with marshland/nature reserves and an opportunity to get the bikes out

Viana do Castello, near the Spanish border.
Views were amazing the morning after spending the night on top of the hill

Do one thing a day that scares you...or so it goes
This was a week's worth. At the top of the temple you got out through a crude sliding metal shutter then clung to the sides outside admiring the view...well I did

Last stop in Portugal was Villa Praia de Ancora

On to Spain and mile after mile of stunning coastline, this time under a shroud of mist, but we will do this route again in future years and stay longer

Ribadeo, top coast en route for Cudillero below

We didn't fancy any tapas here!

Like Whitby really on Good Friday, packed and we swear it smelled of Fish & Chips