Thursday, 7 March 2013

Portugal West Coast

Right on cue after deciding to travel the west coast, the weather has turned
Its the same over the Algarve and Spain so guess it will pass in time, just as well really as my nose is peeling badly!
Still warm and muggy but took a while to find a brolly for the showers!

Bordeira beach all to ourselves..

Reggie Perrin springs to mind, great, super.....

Odeceixe beach taken from the van door
Listening to the waves crashing at night was so soporific

The village at night with the same number of occupants as during the day..

Vila Nova de Milfontes
Completely unspoilt by tourism despite 2 campsites and numerous cafes
The sea spray here was all engulfing as was this moment for Nina

Small world..

The Old boys had games day nailed down..

No not fish again for tea!