Saturday, 16 May 2015


Posts are usually done on the hoof, grabbing WiFi where we can and then moving off somewhere
This time its much more relaxed as we've spent the last few days at Casa Azzurra, a charming small private Aire run by Belgian Ronny

Superb hot endless showers, toilets (if you need them), washing machine (€4.00) & dryer and the usual servicing facilities including electric
€4-€7.00 depending on your requirements per night
Theres a nice pool (beyond the grass in front of the house) and Ronnie even does errands to the supermarket too should you require anything
Thats around a fiver for the lot, can you Adam & Eve it?
(No 10 Rua da Cumeira, 2510-194, Tras do Outeiro, Obidos, Portugal)
(N39Deg23'33.59" W9Deg10'10.05")
Short of coming to fetch you Tim & Sue, I can't do better than this for your intended winter stay

We decide to walk the 5km in to Obidos which was completed quite quickly really and noticed these twigs planted for growing on we think. Not a clue as to their identity but will surely find out soon

A 'Des Res' Nina singled out...

The Holy Grail, basking in sunshine

Santuario do Senhor Jesus da Pedra Church

We love these quaint little back streets, seen here from the rampart surrounding the old village

Even the modern town has its character houses

a Tourist with wind blown hair...

Local favourite Ginja, a Portuguese liqueur 

One of many little side alleys

Next day and we take to the bikes again
After a shortish ride I go it alone and seek out some daft off road trails
The bizarre shot above is of the convincing hole that I quite cunningly wedged the front wheel in at speed. The result was worthy of a Fred Karno sketch with me somersaulting over the bars, and given my feet are anchored to the MTB pedals by cleats, the bike came with me too
Much blaspheming and pure shock to be honest gave way to seeping red stuff and a battered pride
Boys and toys…...

My reward for this event was the view later across the lagoon at Lagoa de Obidos