Saturday, 16 May 2015

Cascais & Sintra

Its time to leave the Algarve and start our slow journey northwards

But not before visiting Silves for the last time and enjoying one of Nina's signature dishes...

Gambas steeped in garlic with lemon rice..

Up at Barragem do Rocha we discover the delights of 'Chicken Maria' at her roadside 'rustic restaurant'

Slightly un nerving was the antics of these runaways just a few feet from their mates being soundly barbecued for our pleasure

Next night, another barragem, and these boys guarded us overnight. I have to say they were the most well behaved patient dogs we've come across in Portugal so far

We stayed a few nights at Barragem do Roxo taking a gruelling ride the next day in stupid heat
I had the brainwave of carrying 5 litres of water back from the Intermarche on the bike frame between my legs, very much a 10km circus act..

We stay a night at the Pego Do Altar barragem, again in stupid heat and BBQ our favourite fish, Dorada. Next day we call in at Alcacer do Sal and discover its run down but quaint back streets


These guys are everywhere here

We travel through Lisbon and along the coast to Cascais and a superb spot beyond overlooking the sea

Two nights here watching the waves roll in and the surfers searching for that dream wave..

 The young German couple with their cute baby next to us were one of many we've seen this past few weeks taking time out from busy lives and making the most of 'pre school years'

That 'Reggie Perrin" moment...

We came to the coast to cool down, how pleased we are that we visited Seville last month and not now

Next day the bikes are out and we take the orderly cycle route back to Cascais

Waiting for 'Skippy and that helicopter'

Next stop is Sintra, on recommendation and we stay at the local football training ground

We walked a fair distance in to Sintra to discover a hive of tourist shops and not too much of anything else really

Free mineral water for all...

View of the castle which on inspection turned out to be a long single continuous perimeter wall

An abundance of poppies here brighten the place up

I'll go for Nasturtiums here...

Worth a visit but be prepared for the tourist prices on everything…
The pottery is in abundance elsewhere and loads cheaper from the pottery houses. 
There's too much cashing in going on for our liking here...