Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Ferragudo & Portimão

Emilja & Richard are left to their own adventures in Albufeira as they will soon be home and need some time together without the 'Duddies" we think
So we head back for a few days to Ferragudo beach and we are lucky to get prime spot back overlooking the estuary

Nina is chuffed she has 'her' spot back

Looking across to Portimão

Surely one of our best locations yet

A short walk back around the harbour to a family butcher in Ferragudo brings forth an evening BBQ and some really tasty chicken & bacon kebabs….

That restaurant we enjoyed the other day with the 'young ones'

Evening approaches

and the sun sets over Portimão

Just beautiful…

Next day is spent sunbathing and strolling around the village

Fido loves his swim


Departure day sees these guys risking life and limb flying over the vans and above the water

We navigate the small back streets of Portimão in the van and relocate to Praia da Rocha, the other side of the estuary

Somewhat different to the swish marina next door but it serves us well being so close to the main beach and town
The fee here per night is a paltry €2.50

Looking back to Ferragudo

Out walking the town we spot the wedding shop and this angry looking kid giving it 'what for' in the window

Fish wives

A stork on a crane (double birdie)

A renowned Portuguese poet immortalised forever

That's my girl….

"Load The Cannon!"

Its in Portimão that Nina has the brainwave of hiring a scooter for a few days and testing our resolve riding one
We'd already been to the scooter shop in Ferragudo having decided we want to buy one on our return to the UK in the summer. Our theory here is it will get us in to the cities with ease with the van parked up remotely on a site. Doing shopping errands and revisiting bars/restaurants and villages of an evening that we cycle through during the day
(We couldn't get anywhere near Salzburg in the van I recall)

Yes I'm fully aware what I look like in the 'potty hat'

The deposit is also down on one of these too as this is how we'll tow it around
Believe it or not the trailer theory was hatched a full month before our scooter idea as, after nearly three years on the road, the time has come to make things easier for us and 'un-stuff' our crowded lockers in the van

The three day rental proved a big success with us visiting small coves and inlets we simply could not have taken the van

Its early days yet, and subject to a test ride, but this looks likely to be our weapon of choice..
A Honda Forza 125, due out this month
A full 873cc less than our previous bike some 12 years ago...