Saturday, 21 June 2014


Further North in the east of Burgundy we visit Vézelay just for an afternoon's jaunt
We've been many times before but not with the van so the car park charge came as a shock

The single tourist street straight up to the Abbey is quite steep but lined with some upmarket shops definitely not selling tat

Remember these guys...

Dog's life ….again

Nina spotted this shop on the way up and so frequented it on the way down when is was 'ouvert'
There was a choice inside of knitted garments or just plain wool to buy, but not quite as its Mohair or Alpaca wool. Nina came really close to parting with many Euros….

This is what makes the town I guess. The Abbey is stunning and entry, like so many others we've visited, is free

A vast cool interior on a hot day is most welcoming

Later that day we end up north of Auxerre at a favourite spot of ours at Burgy on the Yonne river

A walk along the riverbank brings a few surprises

Just swannin' around….

The view from our Aire, next day, atop the vineyards at Mutigny. Later we lunch in Epernay, deep in the Champagne region. It has to be said the meal was overpriced and after using the same lunch stop for several years now we both agree its time to move on and discover new towns in this region

As a footnote I have to record here the fact that despite accidentally spilling a half bottle of Super Bock over the Mac keyboard……it still WORKS!!!!!
I would raise a toast to Apple Inc but the beer is gone….