Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Tim & Sue

The day of the return flight to Limoges comes all too soon and we have to leave the Housemates
Nicholas, aka 'Crash Test Dummy' and fresh back from Malta, is back on the sofa which Ben kept warm the night before
At the time of blogging Ben, Nick & Julie's other son, will be back after several smelly days at the 'Download Concert' in need of a comfy bed and some paracetamols

A short flight later during which I had a pleasant chat with a guy called Dale we are met by Tim & Sue

We met these guys in Portugal earlier this year and took up their kind offer of leaving our van with them whilst we flew back to the UK
The fifth member of the team is Hughie who did most of the extensive renovation work on their huge property and land ably assisted by Tim & Sue

There you go Nick, proof that the van was not dismantled and sold for spares!
The next few days are great for us as we can relax in great company, recommence our hot tub routine and just chill with friends who have it nailed down in the relax dept

'Poppy', one of two resident guard dogs who are eternally fussy with guests
She was born on 11/11/11 so her name was a no brainer really

Next day and its all smiles as we head off to Bourganeuf and the local Pizza emporium
Recommended by our hosts and superb on the day

On your marks……..

This is quite representative of the general atmos over the next few days….

Pressie from Angleterre

Hughie did us proud with a BBQ cooked on this rather grand apparatus

Suddenly there's much dog activity one morning as Lulu the terrier chases a lizard
Its defence mechanism is to shed its twitching tail as a distraction
I actually thought Poppy had eaten the lizard….steep learning curve in the country..

Playtime with the new camera sees an inebriated me shooting the moon

The Manor's Potager

Nina dishes up a chicken creation

Various instruments of death adorn the outbuildings
We are keen not to upset the patrons….

Killer dog on patrol

Don't look up my leg please….

Civilised dining in the 'Manor'

Uncivilised drinking session late at night, how I miss this already...

Tim in expectant mode, cursing the 'worm' no doubt he's convinced is inside me
(apparently he's not used to seeing guys pack away the food I do!)

You're a good man Hughie 

All is set for the yearly spectacular that is 'The Sauviat Wine Festival"