Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Sauviat Wine Festival

A call back to the Nursing Home reveals that Mum is doing really well and hopefully this will continue as we aim to be back with her shortly
We will drive back with the van and stay locally to her in the UK to monitor her progress

The much awaited day arrives and we are off to the two day wine festival in Sauviat close to the hamlet where Tim & Sue live
Wine, Steaks and Abba…..lets go!

A long way from the Charente but its now in our fridge

This guy from the Rouissillon region of France took most of our money ...

Nina in her element

No thanks mon ami….

This guy cooked for us a few weeks ago in his restaurant and was keen for us to try his lamb creation

We are told these old guys are among the wealthiest of the region and are well known for dressing casually

The worm kicks in again but Tim has no issues….

A great steak and frites meal

Cooked by this guy who you would not want to mess with

The ladies are treated to a coup de champagne each..

Dealer tactics being discussed

Sober at this stage and proud of it!

These ladies were making what they were selling on the stalls, hats in this case

Ponchos in this...

The days' combined purchases
Tim very kindly took me back to the bank next day for more wonga

Next day and the dancing girls are on

Ooo La La!

Hughie exchanging valuable wine growing knowledge no doubt

Lily White strutting her stuff

67 and rockin'


Main event and all eyes forward

These lookalikies were actually quite good

Can you hear the drums Fernando?

This made his day, later on she gave her autograph 

Gimme Gimme Gimme a lift back to your place Tim…..