Thursday, 11 July 2013


Ever onwards and after giving Dresden a miss due really to it being too late in the day arriving, we found Stolpen not to far from the Czech border

1 night became 3 as we rode next day and took in the castle the next

Quaint market square on a slope with girlie shops which brought a few smiles

Beasts of unknown origin on springs

Stolpen Castle, or whats left of a typical Saxony fortification
Big surprise this was as at only 5 euro each entry we did not expect much. How wrong we were as there seemed to be endless stairs and exhibits to browse

Always fond of muskets

This takes me back my lad....

No thanks..

Tuesday nights?

Old fashioned wedding ring

more tuesday nights...

Why have long trials nowadays for bad guys when an hour on these gadgets would serve as well

Most of the town is built on Basalt, more than rock hard and been around for well...ages

Loads of stairs down to hidden rooms, what history they must have

View from end tower

Now we felt quite sorry for this lady. Anna Constantia, Countess of Cosel
King Augustus the Strong of Poland kept her as a mistress and promised to marry her one day.
Society at the time viewed her meddling in politics and royal affairs rather dimly, seeing her as dangerous to Polish political interests and so she was effectively placed under house arrest here for 49 years while the King moved on to another mistress. 

Nice little business this, just down from the castle, guess what we ordered!