Wednesday, 10 July 2013


After Berlin we headed south in to the Spreewald and spent a few nights getting bitten ragged by the mosquitoes that were seemingly only interested in us
Detterent spray and tablets helped but they plagued us sadly after some excellent bike riding

Go for a ride on your own if you like says Nina
Great me thinks and off I go at mach 10 only to end up here....

Another Brauerie!

Bit wobbly on the way back..

Next 4 nights were great, parked on a big lawn at rear of Gasthaus Stuckatz run by Jorg and his family in Dollenchen between Berlin and Dresden
Superb food and guess what, superb beer

A wall of that reminds me..

Family history, barn roof style anthology

We were told to visit this...

This is what I call a machine. one and a half times as long as the Eifel Tower is high
Needed two photos!
The local area was a large gravel/rock open cast area and I guess this is its legacy along with some very nice lagoons

Finstewalde, near the end of a very hot 40 mile bike ride one day

Jorg entertaining and directing a wedding party he had booked in to the Gasthaus

Last night..more silliness

His party trick is to pour krauterliquor from an increasing height in to a small schnapps glass

So no probs here with hopper gob eh!

How nice was this...Nando, blind from birth we guess, left his family seated and at our request played German country & western at our table
He also got the krauterliquor experience...