Sunday, 14 July 2013

Czech & Polish borders

The last few days it has been all change and we are well out of our comfort zone
having stocked up on essentials (german beer) we met the Elbe again at Bad Schandau just before the Czech border

The town was hit pretty badly by the recent floods with most of it being under water 
Many buildings including the Therme Spa we wanted to spend the day at were closed with extensive drying out still going on in basements. This was the mobile bank

An indication of the flood level

So time to leave the comfort zone
No disrespect here, just trepidation as neither of us can extend beyond basic German, French and the obvious English accompanied by frenzied pointing
Oh and no currency at this point either as its Koruna followed by Zlotty in Poland and neither are in my back pocket at the moment with the weekend upon us
Still, thats what adventures are all about

It has to be said the countryside here along the border with Poland is stunning although many towns look as if they have hit on hard times
A closer look reveals the same infrastructure but at a different level
I guess it will take many years for the Eastern European countries to catch up with the previously more affluent Western ones

Lots of big firms here doing their thing be it concrete production or metal reclamation as above

Many roads were full of roadworks following the course of the river and yes they were all on Stop when we got to them...

These are typical country houses

Just when you thought it was safe......

They have this as their 'Garden"

Oh dear, as soon as we hit the Czech Republic the Sat Nav just showed us fields and more fields
European mapping my ****. Western Europe only more like
So Nina's turn to navigate, which is why I guess I looked stressed here!

Later that evening we found a campsite, not the one we were looking for, but a suitable spot to rest our weary heads
The bonus here is the site had a converted Aussie grilling food outside on his Barbie and we enjoyed some great food, beer and ultimately breakfast on his terrace before moving on next day

So that was our 1 day in the Czech Republic. The country is large but we are en route for Auschwitz and the salt mines so may struggle to see more this trip. Prague will have to wait too...

Better navigation today and earlier arrival only delayed by this wedding procession which was nice to see

These are bike ride pictures in and around Woliborz

We think this was the brides house of departure en route to the church in the village