Friday, 8 December 2017

Delta De L'Ebre

Spain awaits and we cross the border spending a very chilly night at Peralada before moving on to Can Janot and that all important Buffet Lunch stop that has become a tradition with us now

Instead of Palamos this time round we head southwards but enter the hills a little staying at L'Espluga de Francoli near the aptly named Montblanc...
-4ºC overnight and little sun in the morning means the heating is on full tilt despite the rising sun and blue skies

En route to the coast we get caught in the falling snow but make it thankfully down to where its 15º warmer...

A new spot is discovered via the App at Deltebre overlooking the river where the van heats up to a balmy 22ºC by lunchtime
Thats more like it!

Our first G & Ts of the season accompanied by...

Garlic King Prawns & Lemon Rice A La Nina!

And here she is, working it all off..

Walks a plenty here and we get squarely back in to our routine

We relocate two nights later for a few days spent at the aire next to the restaurant Casa de Fusta

Our pink friends are out in force here as the weather is just lovely

The sunsets as ever are amazing and the whole area is alive with bird song

A 'Purple Swamp hen' says Keith the twitcher...

These displays were stunning..

Each evening just before dusk the starlings, in their thousands, put on a grand flying display in what I know now (Keith again..) to be a 'Murmuration' of Starlings about to settle down for the night