Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Jalon (Xaló)

A few days of travelling south and its warming up nicely so hopefully it will be settled for the next few weeks and we can enjoy the festive period under blue skies

We arrive at a new stop for us namely Jalon or Xaló as its known by the locals and we are settled in to a good parking area on the edge of town

A short walk reveals some really nice cafes and bodegas and we hit upon a chippy run by expats
Proper home made chips, yum yum...

Its bedlam next day as the car park fills slowly in the morning and the local market gets in to full swing. The wine tasting gets priority as usual...

We leave the market behind and go walking along the riverbed to Lliber, a really nice village along the valley

Next day, and after a very quiet night, there's the sound of a rock band playing where the market was yesterday. 
Soon we are amongst a Biker's Meet and the whole place is alive again but with a different flavour

Harleys abound here and we take up residence in the corner cafe watching the big bikes roar by

Next day its peace and tranquility again and we take to the hills

Mid morning break is taken halfway up a convincingly steep 'footpath'

The area here is really nice with small urbanisations dotted around the hills and valleys

Very old and very gnarled (I'm getting that way too)

Local fruits shots coming up...

Looking back towards Jalon

Lunchtime at the top

After a full hour coming off the hills down 'goat tracks' this can best be described as the smoothest section

How we enjoyed those beers at the bar in town!