Thursday, 6 April 2017

Benny Chapter 2

We leave Mick & Deb and a peaceful Ricote to return to the mayhem that is Benidorm!

We pick up Martyn from Alicante airport and soon arrive at Camping Villasol where a customary beer is had on the terrace overlooking the Benidorm skyline

'Smiler' is soon bored rigid as I explain the latest wiring addition to the van

Time to hit Benny and a walk through the leafy suburbs....

You have to be kidding right?

After a few tapas we are soon trawling the seafront bars

Kinda ironic!

At this point reason has departed and we find ourselves (by design) back in the Piccadilly Bar 

Moments later I'm murdering a famous tune on my Karaoke debut. Nina is very forgiving but poor Martyn wishes he was a million miles away...

Thick heads are evened out on a couple of mornings during the week by visiting a local breakfast bar that lays on familiar nosh for the lad

Strolls in to the Old Town become the norm and the weather is superb in the main

"Fancy a drive down to the coast Luv?"

Just hustling for some money

One day we take a stupidly detoured long bus ride to 'nearby' Altea for a change
This volleyball beach court looks prone to ankle injuries

A beer serenaded by this busker in the sun went down well 

Now then, quite conveniently we discover the Tropical Bar not too far from the site which shows Footie & Darts if you ask them nicely

Darts for the Boy on one screen...

And a run down of the upcoming Tribute Bands appearing in said gaff shortly on the other

Olly Murs getting hands on with Nina several hours later

By complete contrast next day a walk in the sun is done around the headland in to a seemingly different world to air our heads a little

Soon we are back on Planet Reality and admiring this bizarre piece of design

Its Mother's Day and we embark on another tapas run

Martyn stumps up the Cocktails for us all and we enjoy some seriously intense sunshine at a nice terraced bar in the second bay

Final day and the three of us call at Villajoyosa just short of Benny and park the van up for the afternoon 

The stroll is done nicely in to the quaint seaside town and hearty burgers are consumed at a favourite cafe of ours

All too soon the time arrives to drop the Lad off at Alicante airport and despatch him back to Blighty
We all had a really good week and managed admirably together in the van on the site
A bit cramped for Martyn up front sleeping across the put up bed but he didn't complain although I suspect next time a more comfortable hotel will be in order
The first time its just been the three of us away and hopefully to be repeated often....