Monday, 3 April 2017

The Clarkes sample Ricote

The batteries perform well and fingers crossed we are back on track again power wise 

The next few days are spent walking the hills around the village and soaking up the sunshine

This doesn't last long as we endure a full day of torrential rain and are confined to the van with Nina stitching and me watching the antics of our fellow travellers
The local dump truck from the council got this poor guy out the myre

Along come the cheery Clarke contingent to brighten things up and soon Deb is rescuing escaped chickens from their quarters nearby

Sangria for the Pet rescuers....

Stupidity naturally prevails come evening time with impromptu painting of my bino lens covers...
I call this shot 'Glasshopper'

A more sensible Mick lagging behind on our hill walk next day

The girls...

One of those pesky 'Procession caterpillar' nests

'Three Top Colourful Birds'

Mick doing his now famous..

...Katsu Curry

More walking this time up to what is left of the Castle

Muppets on Tour

Being Bombed...

Some well deserved tapas one day in the afternoon heat.
After having had a couple of beers the boys (Mick really) do some electrical wiring alterations in the van to enable me to charge gizmos directly off my solar controller, a well thought out plan initially but executed with spinning beer heads
Everything works and we now prep ourselves for our forthcoming return to Benny and a week with Martyn who flies out to Alicante