Sunday, 5 February 2017

Muddy Messines

We trundle back up to Odeceixe for another night and spend the late afternoon walking the lovely beach which we have to ourselves

The nearby clifftop is the scene of a photoshoot for these newlyweds complete with a romantic bouquet

After picking up the panel and visiting Leroy Merlin (Portugal's B & Q) we head off for the site at Messines and settle in for a few days construction work
We even take the door blind off again and totally dismantle it to renew the cords (Not a job if you don't like head scratching!)

Twice the size now and hopefully twice the output

A day before Keith & Chris arrive the heavens open and our 'sunny spot' is slowly swamped with surface water running off the slope behind us
The site turned in to a puddle dodging exercise which, with further rain later, kinda spoiled things a little. Perhaps our visits here are better done in the spring in future

The Elliots arrive bringing sunshine and we head off on the sunday to the local restaurant

'Eddie' the local ex Pat exchanges pleasant chat for a brandy (my price not his) en route at the nearby cafe

Ford Taunus (Cortina)

Success then!

Our next few days are spent at the site exploring the local area on foot and by bike in to Messines

The intrepid explorers turn a blind eye to the grey horizon and press on in search of an elusive cafe

The cafe is reached just as the rain pours down. This is the change from €10.00 for eight coffees and a piece of cake...not bad eh?

Glamour has its downside I suppose....

Another day another daft game
This time its Keith & Chris who are introduced to our charity acquired 'Millionaire game'
Can you believe first time out he reaches the dizzy heights of half a million!
He failed it BTW on a dodgy 'doggy' question. He's defo on my 'Phone a friend' list though