Sunday, 17 June 2018

A trip inland

We now have time on our hands and so much to organise and plan

Our housesitting stint and stay at Casa Rudo is a way off yet so we decide to take to the hills and discover some of the region in and around the Cazorla National Park

A few more days are spent down at Puntas walking the beautiful coastline

We are invited to the local cafe by Juan our site host to witness some of his guitar magic one evening with the bonus of him playing with a local guy who was really talented

The trip inland was very rewarding with some beautiful scenery to be had

We choose a spot with a newly created aire at Riopar and find ourselves in the middle of a Spanish motorhome rally for the weekend

Leaving so many vans behind we trek off in to the local hills

Now thats a cone!

A drive to a large car park near Santo Tome proved very interesting in many ways...

Close by there's a superb 8km walk up a huge stunning valley or gorge to be precise complete with crystal clear flowing river

At this point and of course before we see the best parts the phone battery gives up on us and forgetting the battery pack proved a costly mistake...

Getting out the car park two days later was a Mare!
A steepish access road with running water on it would be doable with Max out the trailer and empty tanks I thought
Not to be...
The Spanish visitors had no real idea what was going on as we squeezed out the narrow entrance to the site and charged the hill all guns blazing!
Just yards from the top and with water under the wheels a car blocks my escape and we suffer the dreaded wheelspin!
Oh for a Dieselpusher!

A well executed reverse back down and some cursing eventually led to me seconding a guy and his big SUV on his way in to tow the trailer up the incline for me
Not the incline but the arrival of hundreds of visitors stumped me here so another car park lesson learned...

Next up was Cazorla

What a beautiful town this turned out to be

Bit of a cycle fan then...

A few days in and we are joined by chums Vivienne & John together with 'Brexit' (Bracken) their pooch 

Obligatory Menu del Dia on the town square

A note to Deb...
This is your match!
The Chatathon went on for days 😂😂

No peace tonight then!

Guadix near our favourite spot on the dam at Cortes y Graena proved to be a nice day out

Down on the coast at Cabo de Gata and the heat is building

San Jose done on Max

After a full weekend spent at Murcia moving northwards we decide to spend several days back at Jalon where we can get some quality walks in

Hot walking bunnies...

We rescued this fella from an invitable roadside squishing...

Calpe proved a distraction from all things RV research related

The weather is bang on now and we slow the pace down to adjust to the increasing daytime heat

Next stop now is La Hoya and an RV with friends Rudy & Dorine and our first 'House sit' at their lovely home