Wednesday, 28 February 2018


We arrive near to Seville and settle in at the Hidalgo Motorhome dealership some 20km from the city and go in to recharge mode again
(If it has a battery on board it gets charged)

The weather is just dandy so we Max it to the centre of the city and go on familiar manoeuvres
Hotel Alphonso Xlll provides the backdrop here

The very familiar Parque de Maria Luisa

Waiting patiently for those oh so necessary tapa

The evening is spent wandering the old part of town, people watching from various bars and touring those shops that the girls love so much...
Not a power drill or rotivator in sight!

Next morning we make ready for the off and service the van only to find that we have a warning light blazing away on the dash....
'Check Engine' it states...
Yep its there!
Alas the last time this raised its head was a few years ago which signalled the end of life for the turbo
Our collective hearts sank...

Thankfully we were close to a Fiat Professional garage that we'd used on several occasions before and having had the diagnostics done that day the computer said.."New differential pressure sensor required"
So thats the whole of tomorrow set aside then for a return trip to the garage in Seville
Great service I suppose but not what we wanted TBH

On our 'down time' next day ambling the district near the garage we saw this Kenworth beast

With this unlucky client attached
Ours seemed a minor issue at this stage

Here's the electronic plastic thingy
Only €417.00 fitted...Bugger!

With the light extinguished finally we lick our wounds and head for Portugal..