Monday, 14 August 2017

Green Pastures

We settle in for the next couple of months back at our favourite spot at Dethick in Derbyshire

Its good to be back albeit for just a short time before our return to the wider world..
So different here...We are struck immediately by the crowded motorways and stress levels of folks around us all rushing somewhere or another and worrying about falling off life's treadmill...
The sheer amount of green colour is a stark contrast to recent months and the inevitable rain that comes with that tests our mettle

We visit Mum who is doing splendidly and call on Mick & Deb who are planning their next trip abroad with relish
All the goss and catching up means Mick has plenty of reason to test his latest batch of home brew on us. I like it when that happens... 

Nina's folks have procured tickets for the Bakewell Show so off we go with Martyn as our trusted taxi

Oh dear what a washout!
Real pity this as there were so many stall holders there struggling to break even on the day as the visitors were unable to get comfortably to most attractions and activities due to the very soggy ground conditions

A walk back in to town and we are soon enjoying the delicious local fish & chips

Mick & Deb's BBQ was a real hit with a nice work reunion accompanied by Mick's very strong beer
(Mick had real physiological problems later absorbing said beer 😂😉)

We take to regular walking in our familiar surroundings and are 'kidnapped' one day by a friendly couple intent on showing us their particular piece of heaven tucked away in the hills above Matlock
There was an apartment for sale and were keen on showing us around 
It was on our way so duly obliged...

A random sheep shot as we are surrounded by them most of the time

Above our heads out walking one day the Memorial Flight roar past

Tansley church

The nearby steam rally provides an unusual visitor to the local pub

Plodders above Tansley

Local Talent...

That English game

An evening with Baz & Mandy was a real hit at the local pub
Not enough time though to cover all the subjects on the itinerary though 
They were stopping at the next CL in Lea and were away for the weekend

Three sisters (and Emilja) at a family get together for Nina's Mum's 70th

Nina's little ones....

The days are filled now with walking, visiting my Mum and gathering lots of essentials for the next long trip abroad
There's a couple of events for us coming up shortly which we are looking forward to a lot...
A trip away with Pat & Jane next week to Liverpool and 'Dethfest' (the gathering of the Vanners hellbent on hardcore walking, boozing and campfire rowdiness)
Expect drama!