Sunday, 23 July 2017

More Casa Rudo

Life slows down considerably at Casa Rudo and what better way to pass a very hot morning than stripping down both toilet cassettes to their component parts and scrubbing the living daylights out of them. As bizarre as this may appear its an essential periodic chore to a full timer or at least to one who tries to pre empt equipment failure with a spot of maintenance

The grim container

And its grubby components...

A trip to Alicante

for a ruby murray...

Saturday mornings see us Max it to nearby Santa Pola and that superb market

Far too hot now for this fayre I'm afraid

Tapas in Elche

This was a really good turning point for Nina..

Buoyed on by my use of the 'Subea' mask she tries it out and discovers the joy of being able to swim several lengths of the pool with her head below the surface
A later trip to Decathlon at Elche saw us getting her one of her own to use hopefully both here and in the sea next year

and rising, trust me....

There now follows some gratuitous pics of tapas created for us by the skilful Dorine one saturday night. Slimmers look away...

Another meal this time in the company of some new arrivals to the site

Gambas a la Dorine

Why not!

A midnight dip with Rudy reveals how light refraction can play strange games with body shapes
I'm fairly sure Rudy wouldn't know who 'Stretch Armstrong' was