Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Benny Chapter 1

And so we have arrived....

Benny in all its glory....
(Please don't let folks know we are here 😱)

These buggers get the blame fair and square for our presence and
 we are soon whisked off to their 'well researched' tapas bar circuit
You can see we are clearly being forced surely....
Its Deb's Birthday and we intend on making it a memorable day!

One of Benidorm's bargains..
€5.00 for 5 tapas AND a bottle of decent red,white or if you prefer a big jug of beer

The Clarkes take us but a few strides away to a more 'up market' joint where the prices are higher but so is the quality. TBH we went back to the cheapie bar opposite the first gaff a few days later for starters in the tapas outings and soon learned that they are very good value in 'loosening things up' for more serious consumption later 

Oh dear...
Many hours later and still in our shorts & t shirts (when everyone had been home to change!) we find ourselves doing it large in the Piccadilly Karaoke bar till late
Not actually stood up but the mike was passed to these two crooners....

The week is spent between walking in to the Old Town for Tapas, cycling and a bit of hiking

Our 'Hike' took us up a rather steep hill to the cross that dominates the hill above the town

Waiting for the Messiah no doubt
Blessed are the Cheesemakers.... 

Two 'Puffins'

Just me but if it were mine I'd insist on thicker columns

Mick spotted this sign and its English translation 😐

Our campsite view

Out cycling to Altea

Calpe in the distance

Obligatory refreshments 

Another day, another tapas trip

Fancying a beer at almost every bar we passed on our way back I eventually end up at Iceland with these three...Deep joy

Our turn to be the tour guides so we research and execute a plan to visit Alicante on the local tram

We take in the castle and benefit from it being free today by virtue of the ticket machine being busted

A wedding aftermath on the beach 

More silliness....

The castle portrait gallery reveals a glimpse of how we may all end up if Prohibition ever comes in

'Bubbleman' had the kids' attention

Strolling around the city takes its toll late on and we very easily (for all the wrong reasons) drop in to KFC and try to figure out why it doesn't taste as it did years ago when we last ate it back home

Mick and Deb saddle up one day and lead us southwards along the coast to Villajoyosa and what a nice ride it was

Reminds me a little of Italy

After just over a week's frivolities we are all left knackered from evenings of full on card playing, chatting, laughing, 'Dobble playing' and of course beverage testing....
We part company eventually for some R & R and look forward to our next RV in sunny Spain...

Chapter 1....survived!

In a month's time Martyn flies out to RV with us in Benny for another week's mayhem
(somehow I think 'Moderation' may be erased from our vocabulary)