Sunday, 15 January 2017

Cumbres Mayores

Next up was a one night special near Seville at Hidalgo Motorhomes. Situated about 24km from the city its perfect for us to stay overnight in their rear compound which doubles as a good Aire with lekky and service facilities.
I needed a small part for one of the toilette cassettes and received excellent service from the Dutch guy who works in the spares dept there
An afternoon jaunt in to Seville was of course compulsory.....

We head north west towards the border with Portugal and our next RV with Russ & Lynne who are heading for Pomarao too
We stay two nights out in the hills at Cumbres Mayores, a sleepy one-horse town out near the helipad on a dedicated aire that gives superb all round views of the beautiful countryside

Our first evening is spent watching the sun go down..

With some of that Olorosso from Sanlucar

We think Kite, Keith?

That horse..

If you carry your keys in the same pocket as your camera eventually something like this will happen..
The view on powering up the camera when the shutter cover is jammed

Don't Dump Garbage!

Sleepy town still has a rail connection though

These fellas were enormous fun

Most ran off when passing on our hike as they are quite timid but the hungry ones couldn't get enough of the acorns we threw them

A 'Keaton' moment..

We left Cumbres Mayores refreshed and headed off on a great scenic drive over the border to Pomarao via the washing machines at the Intermarche in Serpa and the LPG station in Beja