Tuesday, 7 June 2016


The weekend arrives and we think that one of the local beach bars is getting ready for its grand opening as it had no customers yesterday but they were busy stocking the bar with ice and goodies
The Spanish social etiquette is to get the party started around dusk and then well, party on!
These two hot duddies need their rest so we took our leave and headed for the foothills above Totana near Murcia

We stop halfway and visit the huge shopping centre (deep joy) at Lorca where Nina picks up some essentials and those all important new shoes. This is done whilst I come to terms with brollies and soaring temperatures. At least they gave some shade

Mick & Deb recommended this place having stayed in february this year and grabbing the last pitch of the 25 available. When we got here the place was deserted probably because of the weather forecast above and the fact its slightly cooler on the coast

Given the heat what better idea then to do a lunchtime bike ride following the irrigation canal to Lorca and back, just 46km
Mad dogs & Englishmen...

This is us buggered half way back. To make it more interesting my front cranks where all to cock with the selector rubbing on the tyre at one stage…..great!

A shared tin of Magners on ice cooled us off a bit back at the van

Followed by a nice aperitif on the elevated terrace….

Next day Fozz took us in to the hills behind the site and up to Aledo

An accent up the tower gave stunning views of the very dramatic arid countryside and village

Weapon of choice back in the Dark Ages

The horses here have surely keeled over with heat exhaustion..

Refreshments down at the local bar in Totana, glasses straight from the freezer

The fourth day sees us visit the local restaurant on some good advice. I'm holding my shirt and Nina actually has a dress on BTW

Essential sun shadesRus

Next stop is back somewhere on the coast probably as its just going to get hotter here and we are done in…..