Friday, 31 May 2013

Wessington, Derbyshire

When we arrived back home we were quite shocked as it felt like winter still
All the trees were yet to sprout leaves and some days were positively cold so we had to resort to putting the heating back on, in late april!

Sunset at Wessington

We love this place. A CL in stunning countryside not too far from where we live so very convenient for  visiting family and friends

View out the front window

OK save the comments...Its just for the blog!
BTW. The motorhome dealer managed to mangle this and Nina's bike a week after this was taken.
3 weeks old and then stuffed in to the garage door at the dealers whilst reversing. We had repairs done and are about to test ride them in Holland

She'll kill us for sticking these on but we could not resist naming one of our frequent lodgers....Emilja

Here's the other one selecting burgers for later....Martyn
We thoroughly enjoyed the company of the "kids" whilst back in the UK and look forward to seeing them again before Christmas on our return