Sunday, 9 December 2012

Schwarzwald & the Mosel

Checked in to this Spa hotel for our Anniversary here with the van outside at minus 5

2 nights forced lay up at Beerfelden due to heavy snow
We walked in to a gasthaus that was open, or so we thought, and enjoyed several beers
The landlady insisted we have Goulash soup with them and the rest of the "customers" who ofcourse turned out to be family gathered for their sunday dinner
Embarrassed doesn't cover it but they were all happy to have us and my German came on no end

Another town, another market and more creative Xmas cheer

We followed the Mosel for km after km in what became quite bad weather
Every scrap of suitable hillside given over to wine production but alas not a grape in sight
This would be some journey in late summer...

Zell in its night time glory
Note the tower turned in to a festive candle
I remember this place well as having had a curry cooked by a german-speaking Indian who ran an Italian restaurant
It tasted great, probably down to the enormous amount of ghee in the dish

Boat access only to this small vineyard 

We've just had several days of this and its not fun at all!
We are in France in the Champagne region, a favourite of ours and sat sipping a nice glass or two as I blog so all is well now, its even started raining which reminds us of home