Sunday, 21 August 2016

Co Durham, The Cathcarts & Coughing

The coughing bit first….
Nina's been coughing for England for many weeks now and a trip to the quacks reveals a probable viral  cause. I've been thinking six weeks is a pretty long time to go without getting it off her so was quite disgruntled when I eventually display her symptoms and just a week before our RV with Pat & Jane in Co Durham at Sedgefield
Hey Ho, cheers Nina…

Parked up nicely just out of town on a CL we all embark on the short walk in to Sedgefield

The sun is shining and we soon find ourselves a quiet beer garden to start our catch-up and try out our synchronised coughing on our poor chums…

The lovely Dun Cow Inn where we later availed ourselves of some fine tucker and quality beers

Pat at work...

What a really nice English village this is. Lots of common areas given over to trees and greens, an array of boutique shops for the girls, and several decent old pubs for us thirsty guys

If you bring your cow to town why not park it here!

Next day morning coffee is taken on our private lawn (which later doubled as a Boules pitch)

Pat, as ever, has the local bus timetables at the ready and plots our route to nearby Durham City

The castle looming over the River Wear

Tour guide Pat lures the girls away from the shops and suggests a ramble along the riverbank. Surprisingly they fall for this trap easily and once again our wallets breathe a sigh of relief!

The Cathedral where we were pleasantly surprised by its free admission policy and more so by the stunning interior which was vast to say the least….
No photos unfortunately as its taboo to release the shutter within its walls

Hardcore fishing

So many bridges here offering lovely views of the riverside

Grow up you two!

Several shops later we slump in to a little bar that Pat spotted earlier and rest our tired feet
The day was topped off nicely with a quality Indian meal back in Sedgefield and merriment back at the vans….

Right then! Boots on!
Time next day to go visit the nearby Hardwick Park on foot. 

The sun breaks through for what was to be a very pleasant day just strolling the park and of course lubricating the whistles...

The Hardwick Hotel in the grounds provided the refreshment stop where we entertained our chums with yet more coughing duets..

Back in the village a huge magnet pulls us spookily in to our first watering hole from Day 1 and Pat & Jane succumb to our insistence to buy a scratch card as he's been pooped on today by a bird and was attracting money spiders all day
Result was a £5.00 win!

Back at base camp tinnies are pulled and a game of Professional Boules is commenced..

Enormous fun this, and several hours were passed in the lovely sunshine with wine, beer & nibbles
Jane & I narrowly beat the other two having had the benefit of lubrication and Pat's magic tape which went well for us (most of the time)

Nina & Jane served us up a hearty pasta dish and apple pud to follow then we all retired to our van to chew the fat and sink a few more Spanish Vino Tintos

Another great time with the Cathcarts. Thanks for organising the trip and we both look forward now to our regular Bingham jaunt coming up next month….